Being deemed an essential service, we are mandated to take every precaution available to us to protect ourselves and you.  As we work inside peoples homes or places of business or visiting potential new clients, we are practicing strict guidelines to protect all we work with and in our personal lives.  The following is what we have put in place.


1.      All employees or subcontractors that have traveled outside of Canada will not visit customer homes or be in our office for a minimum of 14-days of their return.

2.      All employees will wash their hands and/or use hand-sanitizer when moving between clients homes, and after visiting any suppliers (wholesaler or retail); in addition to the normal process of after eating and using the bathroom.

3.      High contact areas of our vehicles and tools (door handles, steering wheel, tool handles, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and especially when moving from worksite to another. This includes electronics like phones, radios, etc.

4.      High contact areas and bathrooms within our office/showroom will be cleaned and sanitized daily.


5.      If workers are to be in close contact where they cannot maintain social distancing, workers will each us a N-95 face mask and disposable gloves.  All will be removed from site.  

1.      Any employee that develops a fever or other symptoms associated with a communicable disease will not come to work until they have been cleared by a health professional, or followed a protocol to ensure they are not contagious.

2.      We will be confirming with potential new customers that no one in their household is showing symptoms, or is self-isolating, before anyone visits to do an in-home appointment.

3.      If you are a customer or subcontractor, please notify us immediately if you or anyone in your household develops a fever or other symptoms so we may reschedule work until you are healthy. Please do not visit our office during this time.

4.      If any of our suppliers have issues with supplying products due to a breakdown in their supply chain we will work with you to choose an alternative product, or delaying your project until the supply chain catches up.



As this is a constantly changing situation, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work through everything. We will communicate with you how our business and our trade partner's businesses are affected, and in turn, might affect you.

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